Dismember – Dismember

dismember-dismemberWhat a legacy this band continues to nurture. Even bands like Entombed, someone that Dismember used to be slagged constantly for stealing their sound so many years ago, have so completely lost the faith, I rarely even remember they are still together and releasing music. Other than the one stutter step known as “Massive Killing Capacity”, where Dismember really didn’t fall apart, but concentrated more on a cleaner sound and more streamlined melodies, doesn’t in any way tarnish this bands death metal throne. “Dismember” is probably one of the best albums from this band in the past 10 years. This album is the perfect marriage of Maiden-esque melody and disease ridden Autopsy worship, swollen with the Swedish trademark, down-tuned twin axe grind. Matti Karki still possesses that dank drunk growl that makes this band so special. The production is pristine, yet full of filthy slime. “Dismember” is an effortless “fuck off” to the modern death metal bands that have taken over the genre with their machine-like speed and emotionless, out of key riff writing. 11 tracks are here, every one of them is a hook bloated statement of excellence. –Marty


~ by martyworm on January 18, 2009.

One Response to “Dismember – Dismember”

  1. Replacing Fred Estby has really taken their sound to the next level. Great album.

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