Banished From Inferno – S/T MCD

banishedfrominfernopFeaturing Robber (Machetazo), Rogga Johansson (Paganizer, Demiurg, Edge of Sanity), and Phlegeton (Wormed, Human Mincer), Banished From Inferno specializes in deep and churning death metal by way of cavernous vocals and a strong knack for mid-paced riffage. Old school minded to the core and all about crushing in the pocket rhythmically, BFI lets the might and catchy movement within their compositions empower their attack, rather than catering to the technical tricks and unwarranted speed that has laid waste to the heart and soul of the modern death metal movement. Structurally, the songs all work perfectly as the band focuses on sensible flow and subtle dynamics in tempo and riff crafting. My initial problem with this MCD was the pacing/placement of the songs at the beginning. This slab starts off with a mournful and brief instrumental that quickly fades into silence. I thought the disc stopped actually, before an eruption of thunder from an off in the distance storm finally unsettles what seems like a solid minute of silence. From there, it’s into the bands rendition of “Into the Crypts of Rays” by Celtic Frost. I’m not opposed to this cover at all… it just seems like a very awkward place for it to be on this release. Rather than give the listener a solid demonstration of what the band has to offer right up front, it’s like they tested the waters first with a band that is clearly one of their influences. Such a decision/crutch really wasn’t necessary since the body of their material possesses the writing skill and penetratingly dense sound to keep fans of bands like Kaamos and the like completely satisfied. The closing track, “The Solemn Bleakness” is perfect to leave off on in preparing the listener for the impending full-length, for it’s evil groove and simplistic, though painfully effective/memorable harmony over the top digs craters in my musical memory, leaving me humming the hook hours afterwards. Old sounding and evil generally always works for me and Banished From Inferno takes tasteful brutality to new depths of well written and colorful antiquity. A 23 minute eruption of Swedish influenced death metal, mastered by Dan Swano for that unending guitar wall of beefiness. –Marty


~ by martyworm on January 25, 2009.

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