Leif Edling – Songs of Torment, Songs of Joy

Leif EdlingThere’s no denying Leif Edling’s influential contribution, by way of Black Sabbath, to the past and present doom scene. The man is the ever prolific song writer, and with a “never say die” (wink wink) attitude/work ethic, he forges on with Candlemass to rekindle that bands impressive legacy post Messiah, and now with his own proper solo album. On “Songs of Torment, Songs of Joy”, Leif handles bass, guitar, and all vocal duties. The shining star of this material is really the overall tone and heaviness. Very simplistic music is on display, but the intent and the power is really prevalent, if not overwhelmingly catchy. There’s really nothing stylistically speaking on display here that musically separates this from a modern day Candlemass album, other than some funeral organ sounding keyboards that add a really nice touch to this album. I would have preferred hearing the master Robert Lowe’s (Candlemass, Solitude Aeturnus) vocal stylings on this material, for even though Leif gets the job done, albeit a bit awkwardly, his vocal style is a rather subdued, gruff talking delivery that shifts in and out of key. His lack of vocal character and colorful dynamics tends to wear on me as this plodding album crawls along, but he does get the job done with little offense or foul play. For the head nodding might in the guitars and Leif’s unfaltering knack for writing powerfully memorable power chord dominant riffage, “Songs of Torment, Songs of Joy” is a worthy acquisition for fans of his full time day job. Could this material have set quite comfortably alongside Candlemass’ legacy of material? Yes… with some fine tuning for sure. –Marty

Candlelight Records

~ by martyworm on September 5, 2009.

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