Tardy Brothers – Bloodline

TB_Bloodline_cover_myspaceI haven’t taken the time to check out any Obituary material since they came out of their self imposed hibernation because really, I quit caring about this US death metal juggernaut once the greatness of “Cause of Death” eroded into a long line of albums that sounded exactly the same as the 1st 2. In most cases, I can applaud a band that sticks to their guns, but when your formula is so painfully predictable, later albums can really offer nothing too spectacular once you made your mark with earlier releases. If Tardy Brothers side project band is any indication, all remains redundant on the southern front, for this grooved out death metal, though well written in the grand scheme of things, offers nothing different that couldn’t be found in another sub-par Obituary album. John Tardy’s drawn out drawl of a death moan? Check. Track after plodding track that centers around powerchord riffage and a tempo that rarely lifts its head up out of the marijuana haze, other than the energetic track, “Deep Down”? Check. Repeat the name of the song 4 times in a row chorus lines? Oh yeah… check. There’s some great grooved out moments on track like “I’m Alive” and “Fate’s Call”, accentuated by the always colorful solo work of guitarist for hire Ralph Santolla (Obituary, Deicide, Iced Earth), but again… it’s the same old formula that offers little surprise or excitement. Give me “Cause of Death”, or give me…. umm… death. –Marty

Candlight Records

~ by martyworm on September 5, 2009.

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