Teitanblood – Seven Chalices

TeitanBlood_7ChalicesFrom the first listen, I loved this CD. Teitanblood could be labeled as a sinister blend of Necros Christos meets the Ross Bay cult of satanic death metal (Blasphemy, etc), for this bands style is lethal, over the top chaotic, at times sloppy, but always emitting an evil vibe that will poke unholy love into all goats within earshot. Reverb and delay soaked vocals vomit forth black incantations while the drummer unleashes a spastic barrage of blast beats. The riffage is down tuned and thick with an organic sounding distortion that is overdriven to a pure wash of fuzz, but the simplicity and intent behind the guitar lines paint a very bleak sound picture for insane solos and an unrelenting ferocity to literally explode from this CD. It is all held together by very dramatic interludes between tracks to further darken the atmosphere and give this material a welcomed dose of twisted theater. All the artwork in this impressively designed booklet is hand drawn, further embellishing the primitive nature of the material the artwork is glorifying. Perhaps this release could get overlooked by death metal fans out there looking for a more “Swedish” meatiness in tone and grooviness in execution, but Teitanblood are just simply an unholy and just plain mean force to be reckoned with. For fans of rabid, blood thirsty, and Satanic death. Don’t forget the misery! –Marty

Ajna/Norma Evangelium Diaboli

~ by martyworm on September 5, 2009.

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