Methadrone/Fragment – Astray Split

This is my first brush with both artists, but have heard a lot over the years about Craig Pillard’s (Former Incantation) bass dominant descent into the realm of the plodding and experimental with his soul jarring project, Methadrone. As I anticipated, the descriptions I’ve read for this music is right in line with what is present for his tracks on this split. Simplistic, though emotive droning bass lines that writhe along to a programmed drum beat for the foundation, with ghostly sounding harmonies crawling over the top to perpetuate the unceasing din. Somehow, this thundering vibe is very hypnotic, if not nightmarish, only for Fragment to offer a hint of light on this split. This project is very heavily influenced by later day Godflesh, with uplifting pitch vocals possessed by reverb, confidently empowering equally effected guitar lines. The feeling of tracks like “Clay Dust” and “Golem” comes off as a darker take on post rock, but 10 times more powerful and moving. Methadrone as well dig in deep with filth ridden fingers into very emotive progressions on the meaty and melancholic “A View into the Empty” and “”Absorbed (version 2)”. Both projects weep sonic waves of sorrow and use this music to pine for a release from life’s torment. “Astray” is set up with alternating tracks for each artist, which I initially thought would have been a bit of an annoyance, but since both artists compliment each other so perfectly, the dense instrumental darkness of Methadrone is followed up quite nicely by the more reassuring warmth of Fragment and his vocals help break the otherworldly spell. This is a very powerful split CD for those of you trying to expand your musical horizons and fall helplessly deeper into the darkside. “Astray” is highly recommended!! –Marty

Locust Swarm Records

~ by martyworm on January 4, 2010.

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