Ruins – Cauldron

I didn’t have to dig too far, just a bit deeper into the crippling promo pile to realize that the Moribund Horde released Ruins 2nd full length album, “Cauldron” mid 2009 here in the states and sent it in some time ago. Though not as Celtic Frost influenced as their new release, “Front the Final Foes”, “Cauldron” is just as superbly constructed in the songwriting department as this band demonstrates that you can operate within the blackened metal realm and possess a sound that is organic, not to mention original even though more modern influences do surface on occasion. Each song on this album flows with a warm atmosphere and smooth progressions that leave little indication where the song is going to end up when it finishes. I really like such an atypical style of composition, for I think we have all grown tired of the same old dog and pony show from the black metal world when it comes to blind Darkthrone and Burzum worship. Perhaps it is Ruins isolative location in Australia that keeps the obvious outside influence at arms length as they turn inward for the spirit and direction to create the music they have. Again, superior and inventive drum work ranges from tasty tribal plodding, to embrace pristine blasting that burrows deep into tense moments of emotion and despair. The riff ideas feel a lot warmer this time out, as Alex Pope focuses on despondent chords and notes that suggest a heavy strain of depression, but their delivery strikes me as so unique, I’m more in tune as to what it is he’s playing and how it fits in seamlessly with the song, than how it makes me feel. That comes later as I have become more familiar with the music, and is when the emotive side of this creeping demon finally steps in to meddle with the strings that struggle to keep my thoughts “sane”. Ruins are a great band that I truly hope more of you will spend some time further inspecting. Some very well written blackness on display here. –Marty

Moribund Records

~ by martyworm on January 4, 2010.

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