Denouncement Pyre – World Cremation

Featuring the attitude and vigorous blackened death antagonism worthy of their Australian homeland, Denouncement Pyre strike with their first full-length since their inception 6 years ago. EPs and split releases litter their wake, but it seems this building and sculpting their sound has strengthened the output found on “World Cremation”. 8 tracks of poison tongued and expertly paced music pulses with potent riff work and dignified song structures that keep the listener interested and on edge due to the tension in the attack. Decaylust’s (Also in Hunter’s Moon and Nocturnal Graves) vocals are a breathy and harsh hiss that injects the sickness into this other wise tight and smooth production. It’s almost surprising at how clean this album sounds, rather the grit and barbarity making its presence felt in the actual compositions and intensity in the performance. With well executed tempo changes fueling memorable and simplistic riffs that envelop a death metal edge with blackened thrash nuances, “World Cremation” stands as a genre spanning entity with an overall feel that is indicative of the Australian sound. Moments of this bare resemblance to Destroyer 666 in the verse riffs and firey attitude of tracks like “Purification” and “Engulfed Temples”. Some very anthemic and stately movement can be found on this release and the overall vibe begs for repeat listens. Be sure to check out Decaylust’s other band Hunters Moon for you’ll witness just as much conviction and well written music to immerse yourself in.

Hells Headbangers

~ by martyworm on November 23, 2010.

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