Perversor – Demon Metal

With an EP title like “Demon Metal” and the fact that this band hails from South America, I shouldn’t even need to press play to tell you what this release sounds like. Hitting play… yep… completely bestial war/death/black metal with a focus on reverb washed chaos riffs, barbaric blast beats, and a blood spewing razor demon behind the mic who is equally drowning in reverb. To my surprise, this release isn’t all main by way of nuclear destruction, for some decent thrash breakdowns enter the fray for a much needed shot of diversity and reprieve. Perhaps this element isn’t enough to make much of a difference, but at least they are trying. For all of Perversor’s faults stylistically and sloppiness in the playing, tracks like “Victory of the Legion of the Damned” and “March of the Temple of Doom” are just too well done and filled with that infectious energy to be tossed to the side as completely uninteresting. Perversor do what they do well with an obvious lust for upholding the musical tradition of their homeland and even though this really isn’t a style of death that I listen to often, I greatly appreciate the attack and heart placed behind it. If you’re into the rabid stuff, you’ll likely not even blink a eye at the blatant lack of originality and appreciate the 5 tracks on this EP. If you need something a bit more adventurous and have plenty of war metal in your collection, I really don’t think you’ll miss out on much skipping this one.

Hells Headbangers

~ by martyworm on November 23, 2010.

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