Royal Arch Blaspheme, The – The Royal Arch Blaspheme

The Royal Arch Blaspheme is the side project of Imperial (Krieg) and J. Gelso from Profanatica, executed to perfection and in the musical realm of a slightly more complex Profanatica. For me, this album is all about the sickly vocals of Imperial. After all these years and what seemed like a slight break away from the mic, the man still has it… that tortured, cancerous, phlegm erupting vocal upheaval that is just downright foul and perfect for this simplistic style of blackened death. Drum machine driven, the musical side of this project is exactly what you’d expect… simplistic and sinister, though very effective riff ideas and equally potent/malevolent harmonies that arise in tremolo tormented madness. The clean production was a surprise, but allows every delay effected gurgle and note to be felt. This is drinking, old school inspired cult. For close minded fans of blunt, evil and driving black/death metal only.

Hells Headbangers

~ by martyworm on November 23, 2010.

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