Sacrilegious Impalement – Cultus Nex

The saving grace of “Cultus Nex” is the overall lively warm tone in the production and Sacrilegious Impalement’s solid (this is a kind way of saying “familiar”) songwriting formula. What this band does, execute a non threatening blend of death and black metal, gets them by, along with some unfaltering musicianship and the occasional catchy riff. The thing is, even though the music is largely predictable and easy to pick up on (the musicians out there shouldn’t have too much trouble figuring out the guitar lines on this album), I found myself spinning this all the way through on several occasions. Midrange vocals heave forth the necessary blasphemies and phlegm. The drums are full on double bass most of the time, but heating up the blast work when the riffs need an extra charge of aggression. A nice and warm guitar tone does somehow inject a blackened metal atmosphere for these songs to soak in. All the riffs sound perfect… meaning nothing feels out of place, or odd. Every part of every song flows into one another seamlessly with no surprises, no tempo variations, or bizarre music breaks to drag the listener out of this musical hypnosis brought on by redundant compositions. This is where Sacrilegious Impalement falters. They never stray from the well worn path. Everything is too perfect and without a sense of excitement or experimentation. I’m not asking for wacky sounds or a level of technicality that would make the members of Nile give up their instruments, just a bit more of a challenge when it comes to songwriting. So why do I keep listening? It’s hard to fully hate this band, for they are effectively doing what many bands strive for. They have a meaty sound and can write solid songs. BUT, when you’re musically saying nothing overly special, or speaking in sonic tongues already well spoketh countless times by better bands out there, it’s hard to champion a release on the merit, “they don’t suck” alone. Sacrilegious Impalement doesn’t suck, but neither do they incite that creative fire that demands the necessary kindling to consume the listeners’ heart and ears with fury. If I was rating this out of 100%, I’d have to settle on 50%.

Hammer of Hate

~ by martyworm on November 23, 2010.

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