Stench – In Putrescence

Members of Tribulation have stepped out of their thrash influenced mindset with Stench, to revel in the tradition of pure Swedish death metal on their debut full-length, “In Putrescence”. I’ve been spinning this one quite a bit, for it is obvious that this power trio was attempting to tap into the vibe originally set in motion by Grotesque (the forefathers of the Swedish DM scene), though their material doesn’t come off as evil or twisted as the aforementioned band. Micke’s vocals often remind me of Tomas Lindberg from the Grotesque era… again, not as evil or twisted. Some rock elements do enter into the riffs making Stench’s songs even more memorable. Simple melodies rise to the surface, breaking the crust of the power chord encrusted earth, like a brain starved cadaver crawling to freedom. The songs on this slab are well written and demand repeated listens. My only complaint is that the guitar tone itself is too tidy sounding and not the best compliment to Micke’s excessively sick screaming style. He really is a potent vocalist whom doesn’t appear to have been in any other band previous to his performance here. Production moans aside, “In Putrescence” is far from original, but upholds an always vital musical genre that seemingly never gets old to these ears. Death fiends will devour and praise the rising of Stench.

Agonia Records

~ by martyworm on November 23, 2010.

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