Vomitor – Devil’s Poison

With members of Gospel of the Horns and Bestial Warlust in tow, Australia’s Vomitor are on a stripped down mission of bullet torn fury and lo-fi trashing black rage. “Devil’s Poison” sounds like it was recorded on a tape recorder in a rehearsal room. All the instruments can be heard, but the overall meat of the tone is tin can thin. The solos have so much reverb on them, they drown out everything underneath. Add an extreme delay to a raspy/whispered shouting/talking style and one is reminded of Von in technique, NOT execution as Vomitor blaze through track after track of blazing intensity. This is the main thing they have going for them, for the vocal performance is definitely a weak link (hense the reason they probably diluted them with the delay effect) and the riffs pour out of the speakers a sloppy mess. Sometimes it works, but the actual songwriting seems scattered and just thrown together. Each song literally goes nowhere. I found this album to be difficult to listen to and lacking in substance in just about every department. Looking at the bands that the members of Vomitor have spent time in over the years, I definitely expected better.

Hells Headbangers

~ by martyworm on November 23, 2010.

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