Aina – Days of Rising Doom – The Metal Opera

up_070504_ainaI have honestly been avoiding this CD. Metal Opera? These are 2 adjectives that often produce a feeble atmosphere and trendy results that can only be found in the bulging at the seams power metal genre. So what? A metal band wanting to be Tommy, The Wall and Queen all wrapped up into one big, pink spandex covered present? Such an endeavor is hardly a unique proposal. This project is indeed power metal, but the tasteful music and lack of effeminate vocals instantly put my awaiting chuckles at ease and grabbed my attention with some interesting musical dynamics that range from classically inspired, to Helloween-esque, pure metal thrashing. Such a big surprise! Aina is a gathering of over 25 metal musicians. Michael Kiske (Helloween/SupaRed), Glenn Hughes (Deep Purple/Black Sabbath), Cinza Rizzo (Kamelot/Rhapsody), Derek Sherinian (Dream Theater/Alice Cooper/Yngwie Malmsteen) are all on hand as well as many other talented guest stars that will gain interest from the people that call power metal their main musical appreciation and home. From sweeping lows where strings and other classical elements strengthen the content of this songwriting, to more bombastic moments where the speed is a fist thrusting push of edginess, Aina is a well rounded trip into the GOOD elements that can be exercised by this style of music. I like power metal a lot if it’s done well and being halfway through this disc, there are no sign of “Days of Rising Doom” faltering. One of the main turnoffs when it comes to this music is of course the vocals. If they sound thin or overblown in their sirenesque whine, then you can guarantee that I won’t be able to get past them to even give the music a chance. The main vocalist on this album is thankfully a very tasteful crooner who sticks with a mid ranged pitch sung style that is full of passion and a rich vibrato which really draws a soulful spirit out of the varying textures of this ever flowing masterpiece. Empowered by a deep production and a full arsenal of impressive solo work, “Days of Rising Doom” has indeed been a standout release in a stack of dull, rehashed material that has been littering this office the past 4 months. Add to the equation that this is a full blown power metal album, I am very impressed and once again reminded that there are still some signs of life seeping up from this often dead and buried genre of music. My copy is a promo sleeve, but to those of you going out to get a copy of your own, this release is a 3 disc set. Disc 1 is the actual album. Disc 2 is “The Story of Aina” featuring instrumentals, single and demo versions of some of this material. Disc 3 is a DVD featuring a video, 3D animation (oh brother), the making of, a slide show, art work, and audio settings. Definitely a lot of material for your buck. For fans of power metal only. – Marty

~ by martyworm on January 2, 2009.

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