Amon Amarth – Versus the World

qb_80403_amonamarthThe cover art may get worse every time these Swedes climb into their sonic Viking ship, but “Versus the World” is by far the best release Amon Amarth have unearthed since “The Avenger”. “The Crusher” sounded tired and spiritless to these ears, like they used all the leftover riffs from “The Avenger” sessions to come one step closer to fulfilling their album contract. “Versus…” is ripe with new ideas for AA, but they mix in the adventurous riff melodies with a formula they have been well versed in since their explosive inception. Johan Hegg’s vocals are once again the explosive device that hurls this material over the edge with guttural though discernable death yells to lead this melodious quintet into battle. Amon Amarth have proven to me that their career has paralleled Bolt Thrower both stylistically and in terms of releases. Like B.T., A.A. have had some mighty slabs of music, and a few lesser releases to offset the greatness. I feel “Versus the World” could be compared to “For Victory” easily due to the memorable harmonies in the riff work, their interesting use of slower tempos and overall conviction to lash out at their enemies with pure and excellent death metal. I will definitely be enjoying this album for a long time. – Marty

~ by martyworm on January 2, 2009.

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