Antaeus – De Principii Evangelikum

qb_92203_antaeusOne could call France’s Antaeus the Krisiun of the black metal world, but that seems too easy and a bit one dimensional for a band that nurtures their brutal speed/delivery, with such a sadomasochistic feel in their music. “De Principii Evangelikum” offers no reprieve from a full on speed attack (other than on the albums closing track), but the riff ideas are completely original and even memorable in their twisted, out of key delivery. Vocalist MkM is the focal point of this band for me, since his screaming style is so twisted, and somehow controlled, as if he can strain out discernable phrases as he rips through layers of flesh into the very essence of his bleeding soul. His style lends even more originality to Antaeus… sinister tone as the 10 tracks on this album show off a tighter performance than found on the awesome “Cut your Flesh and Worship Satan” full length debut. I will say that I prefer the caustic production and material of that album better than the slick, more distinct sound on “De Principii…”. In it’s defense, the guitars are more defined, but the drum kit sounds half computerized which detracts from the organic blasphemy so expertly born from the core of this French blood cult. Even though this album is too short to my worshiping ears, one can only beg for more of Antaeus suffering self mutilation put to music. Every pore of “De Principii…” screams for the release of death through intense pain, and you simply have to appreciate a band that can harness this feeling within the metal realm. – Marty

~ by martyworm on January 2, 2009.

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