Argath – S/T

up_031504_argathFinland’s Argath are about as typical as you can get in regards to underground, drum machine powered black metal, but somehow, beneath the reheated dissonance of their riff and chord manipulations, they have arrived at a sound and feel that I have enjoyed. The first 4 tracks on this demo may find the drums (the cymbals in particular) annoyingly loud in the mix, but the abrasive vocals and good mix of tempo within the music keep me trained to the material. As it turns out, the slower segments of Argath’s music tend to be the most original and interesting, nicely breaking up the tremolo hell riffing with atypical grooves and noisey/scraping guitar lines that heighten the aura of musical misanthropy. The last 2 tracks on here were recorded at a different time and possess a much fuller and uglier production. The drum machine is much less of a bother on here and the tracks really seem to be improving as Argath continue to explore the depths of their hatred through even more dissonance and an acidic vocal style that haunts these riffs like a long forgotten spirit hungry for revenge. Some clean guitar segments enter the equation as well on these tracks adding yet another interesting dimension for this band to explore as they continue to improve. If this demo is any indication, this band is definitely improving and stands to be something just as impressive as fellow countrymen at arms, Satanic Warmaster, Horna, or even Clandestine Blaze. Even though it may be lacking in the originality department, this 6 track demo is raging with all the right elements that make black metal enjoyable and threatening. Argath have indeed earned their keep. – Marty

~ by martyworm on January 2, 2009.

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