Ashes You Leave – Fire

qb_30303_ashesyouleaveThe female vocals on “Fire” are easily the worst I’ve heard. I bitch a lot about singing out of tune, and Ashes You Leave have converted a huge annoyance of mine, into moments of laughter, for the leadoff track “Free” has her going from a masculine low, to explode into a scattered falsetto with forced vibrato wavering all over the place. Very comical indeed. It’s hard to take her serious, for it sounds to me like someone trying to make fun of this genre by over accentuating the more tongue and cheek stylistic traits of romantic doom, but I know this isn’t the case. The male vocals on Fire are very deep and ugly (in a death metal style), reminding me of the singer in Gothic Sex, but he is the secondary screamer up against the welfare “siren”. As this goes on, I long for him to stand up to his girlfriend and send her packing to try to salvage the twisted wreck that Ashes You Leave has become (I don’t recall the previous CD being this wretched). The music is hard to even hear beneath the overly loud vocal torture, but de-tuned doom sporting a canvas of violins and equally “precious” synth lines churns with little interest or spirit. Trying to fit into the Euro-goth trend? Oh yes. Swing and a MISS! “Fire” is going directly the trash. – Marty

~ by martyworm on January 2, 2009.

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