Astral Demise – Heart to the Cosmos

I am a fan of 1 man black metal… always have been. Fire up that drum machine after a long walk in the woods wearing moms make-up and let whatever may be, come to life through your underdeveloped riff ideas. Since recording equipment and the use of computers has changed the way we hear music, “the scene” now refers to this movement as “bedroom black metal.” Fair enough. I can see some worth in the slag, but there is a definite difference between bedroom BM and good BM. It doesn’t matter to me how many people are in the band, or by what means said individuals arrived at their songs… if the outcome is good, the quality is irrelevant. Enter Astral Demise. Somehow, sole member Phil (Eros-433) Almaraz was able to create a floating atmosphere with this synth dominant, mid-paced material, EVEN THOUGH all 4 tracks on display are boring beyond belief. The programming is pretty solid as he tries to emulate a style as if played by a human, but the main guitar parts for each song are drawn out power chord affairs that go nowhere. The lack of tempo variation and also the fact that the synth ideas tend to follow the guitar lines exactly, restrain the songs from developing. There is a lot of wasted space. The vocals are your standard goblin snarl, though perhaps thinner/more feeble than so many others out there. Like everything else on here, the power is lacking. Add unnecessary female pitch singing (once again, her choice of vocal harmony is nothing more than emulating the keyboard and guitar line… yawn) and this 4 song demo crawls along with little spark or innovation. Once again, I don’t see how he managed to ring the present atmosphere out of these go nowhere ideas, but I guess there is indeed some magic in point blank minimalism. – Marty

~ by martyworm on January 2, 2009.

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