Audio Kollaps – Ultima Ratio

qb_41403_audiokollapseHell yeah! this is what I’ve been needing. Germany’s Audio Kollaps execute a form of grind that sounds like it came off the same filthy streets as the older recordings by Napalm Death (Mentally Murdered era), Filthy Christians, In Battle there is no Law era Bolt Thrower, Prophecy of Doom and old ENT. The grit in the down tuned guitars is similar, being heavily crossbred with punk rock simplicity and a ravenous metal bite. The riffage mirrors the sound… stripped down power chord dominant rhythms supply the heavy handed command to destroy with memorable movement, only to throw in the occasional note fills/tremolo riffs here and there to break up the attack. The tempo is very well balanced between weighty mids and explosive boughts of speed that are never used as the selling point for this bands music. The songs are sickly produced and filled with the dark impoverished industrial town aura of “fuck everything, this music is my voice/weapon against the horrors of my world”, and each track can stand on it’s own. The conviction for grindcore the old way runs deep in “Ultima Ratio”, a point driven even deeper by the gruff growling technique of the vocals. If you liked the older work of the bands listed above, Audio Kollaps will be an eye opening addition to your collection. This band could have been on Earache circa 1990. – Marty

~ by martyworm on January 2, 2009.

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