Act of Gods – Stench of Centuries

up_051704_actofgodsFor those unaware, Act of Gods is a new band formed by ex-members of the classic French death metal bands Mutilated and Abyssals. Those who are aware will probably know how incredible both those bands were, even though they were able to release only 3 demos combined between them. Act of Gods must be seen as a completely new band separate from both, because they sound nothing like either of them. The 11 songs on this CD have a very modern feel comparable to newer Immolation, complete with the quirky, repetitive riffing they are now known for. The drummer seems to be pretty tight and can blast with the best of them–thankfully, he plays with much more variation than most drummers in this style. This CD is fairly heavy and better than many new death metal discs, but it lacks the dark atmosphere and feeling associated with real ancient death metal, which is always a disappointment to me. On ‘Scent of a Burning Angel’, they even throw in a guitar part that has black metal overtones, something I didn’t expect from this band. For death metal, this isn’t a terrible CD, but there are many other bands who have released far better albums recently (Arghoslent, Equinox, Verminous, Serpens Aeon, and Unholy Ghost, to name just a few). – Brian Woodworth

~ by martyworm on January 3, 2009.

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