Alone In Silence/Marspiter – Split

up_032904_alonein_marspiterThis is a 3″ CDR with one track from each project… Alone In Silence is first up with their piece, “Abandon,” coming in just shy of the 12 minute mark. It is minimal and simplistic Dark Ambient driven by slow, reverb soaked synth tones and a sparse and distant percussive beat. There is very little layering, evolution to this, in fact virtually none that I can discern. Thus the track tends to makes its point well before its over, and becomes a bit redundant. Marspiter has christened their track “Forimido” and given it a life span just over 11 minutes. This is again rather minimalist Dark Ambient, it’s a quietly toned piece, rooted on deep bass tones, but that simple concoction of drones is fleshed out with pokes of melody, and a muttering of distant samples, and builds a substantial atmosphere out of it… a bit like looking down on some ancient Middle Eastern city from a far away hill. The ambiance of activity exists in the relative stillness. – Scott

~ by scottsplatter on January 3, 2009.

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