Ancient Gods – Split w/ INFINITUM OBSCURE – Cosmic Evil / Ipsus Universum

up_032204_ancient_infiniteWould you believe it if I told you there were The Chasm imitators popping up in the underground now? I wouldn’t have thought it likely either, but the similarities to them in both of these bands are rather apparent. Ancient Gods begins this CD with four songs of fast, heavy death metal filled with the same kinds of dark melodies that have become associated with Daniel Corchado’s style of playing. They are a little more unique sounding than Infinitum Obscure and are probably the slightly better band of the two, even though I thought their last MCD had a bit more originality. Like the first MCD, Antonio Leon (from The Chasm) plays drums on this recording and turns in an impressive performance as usual. Mexico’s Infinitum Obscure ends this CD with four songs of fast, heavy death metal filled with the same kinds of… wait a minute–this is sounding awfully familiar. I’m not trying to degrade either of these bands, because this release is certainly better than most of the garbage coming out these days, but it’s going to be necessary for these guys to try to find a more original style in the future that won’t be so reminiscent of The Chasm (even if they aren’t exactly a household name to most people yet). – Brian Woodworth

~ by martyworm on January 3, 2009.

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