Andy Ortmann/The Cherry Point – Split

This is a 20minute split cassette that comes in a little green cloth bag. Ortmann, gives us three tracks on his side. It begins with little more than a cycling low electronic hum for the first couple minutes. That stops and there are isolated pounds, like hitting a bucket that eventually give way to some quirky noise eruptions. This shifts into a sub bass hum with a slow rhythmic beat, and minimal vocal yelps. When this stops, we get crickets chirping, and a quick clip of live crowd noise and that’s it. The Cherry Point’s single track is called “Guts Bloody Guts.” It’s a lo-fi mix of crumbling low end, mid range distortions and feedback, that sounds like it could have been recorded live because there is a live/room ambience to it all. The liner notes don’t indicate anything about it though. The track is fairly constant in it’s roar for the first half or so and becomes a bit more throbbing towards the later half. Yep. – Scott

~ by scottsplatter on January 3, 2009.

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