As All Die – Split w/ FHD – North American Underground Alliance CD

As All Die and FDH each present three exclusive tracks on this split, the first release of the Absolute Zero Media label. According to one of the members (not-so-coincidentally, also the guy who runs AZM), “As All Die is for Fans of Der Blutharsch, Death in June, Puissance, Folkstorm, Militia”. Yeah, possibly – if all those projects and artists died suddenly in a plague and you were just ITCHING to hear something remotely militant, no matter how pretentious. Even in that case I’d recommend putting in a release by any of those listed above. Because no matter how many times you’ve heard them, they’ll sound fresh compared to As All Die. In order to keep myself awake during their tracks, I typed the lyrics. Here are some gems: “Civilization wracked with parasites. Dying one by one. The weak, the unworthy, the subhumans, the ones who inflict their suffering upon the pure of spirit as the army of iron rise from the west the centers of religion ad government will be consumed in flames so high that night shall seem as day.” Now, if you find that enlightening, definitely seek this project out. If it strikes you as trite to the point of hilarity, steer clear of these guys because it doesn’t get any better. In fact, the second track titled ‘Where Falcons Soar’ rhymes fly, sky, and die multiple times – as in, “Watch the sky where the eagles fly as we all die”. Seriously.

By comparison, the FDH tracks are a relief. No apocalyptic monologues or third-grade rhyme schemes. That’s not to say they’re great either. According to the label info, “FDH is for Fans of Raison D Etre, Lustmord, Post Rock (sic) and More”. More? Anyway, the tracks are synth noodling with some organic sounds and instruments thrown in for good measure. It’s pleasant enough, but nothing makes me sit up and take notice. In fact, I listened to the FDH tracks three times before I could write about them. They just didn’t stick. But then, I’m not a huge fan of Raison D’Etre or Lustmord either, so if you enjoy those projects, you may find something you like here. But I doubt it. To my ears, this just sounds second-rate and amateurish. There could be some potential here, but I don’t expect any genre classics to come out of Frank den Haan (FDH – get it?). If this split is supposed to prove that North America is a contender in the global noise/ambient/whatever ‘scene’, then it’s a failure. In fact, it does the opposite, making me think that we Americans have a lot to learn. – Christine Lett


~ by martyworm on January 3, 2009.

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