Atrocity – Contaminated

atrocity_090407_contamNo, this is not the technical German death metal band that you may remember from the late eighties or early nineties. This is the more obscure US act that began in the mid eighties with the release of their “Toxic Death” demo. They also released two other demos, a seven-inch and two full-length albums. None of which I have heard. I do have a copy of the “Toxic Death” demo though and as one might expect, it is far thrashier than the death grind found on “Contaminated”. Apparently “Contaminated” is an ep consisting of alternate versions of previously released songs that were recorded in 1990 during the “Infected” sessions. As previously stated, this material falls solidly in the realm of early nineties death-grind ala Repulsion, Terrorizer or Napalm Death. There are alternating patters of fast blasting and slower catchier parts with intermittent soloing. None of the material is excessively fast or overly brutal so it would either be fairly easy for most people to get into or it would simply not be enough to draw them in all depending on what they are looking for. This ep was released mainly due to the fact that the original Atrocity line-up is back together and writing new material and “Contaminated” should help to get their name back out there and give people a chance to see what they are all about for a relatively low price being that it is just an ep. – Lance Rogers


~ by martyworm on January 3, 2009.

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