Auburn System, The – The Auburn System EP

up_070405_auburnsystemTrying to find where to begin with bands like The Auburn System can be a trial in itself. Despite the galloping guitars and halfway decent drumming The Auburn System blends grindcore and hardcore together, but adds nothing new and nothing interesting. The spattering slurred vocals range from down right funny as hell, to just plain embarrassing to say the least. Following along with the vocals, the guitars fire with a solid chugging and then for some reason declines into this high pitch break which seems to appear in every song. The only song that stood out a small bit was the first track of the EP “New Old One.” The EP Sounds like a mock up of Pig Destroyer and the Dillinger Escape Plan with a purloin of jazzcore. If the drummer found a couple of other musicians to play with then maybe the creative gap that seems to be a huge factor in bands like The Auburn System could finally be closed. Metal now a days is some how being dashed with these pretty boy pseudo-frat types, that may have all the talent in the world but no imagination or originality to follow through on. If you like that sort of unintelligible waffling then by all means check out this album. There’s a bazillion other bands out there just like this one. – K

~ by martyworm on January 3, 2009.

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