Audio Kollaps – Music From An Extreme, Sick World

up_030705_audiokollapsI love this record, probably more than I should, or would expect, but damn this is good. Mixing elements of Crust, classic Grindcore and old school German Thrash “Music From An Extreme, Sick World” quite simply rips. The tracks are well structured and have an infectious energy, that for me brings to mind the glory days of Sodom or Kreator at times. The guitar tone and vocal style doesn’t follow suit, but it’s that kind of catchy yet driving and heavy, not overly technical riffing that makes this record so damn enjoyable. Mixed in there are more straight forward Crust breaks and some Grind elements. The vocals delivery is gruff, with a nice rasp to it that gives it some character and there are a handful of screams as a second vocal layer. The production is strong and not over done, it just feels very pure. The release uses an “Apocalypse Now” theme visually, and there are samples, albeit in German that I suspect are from the film on the record used sparingly. The lyrics are printed both in German and English and deal with political and specifically war themes largely but not exclusively. Sadly I don’t quite know how else to expound on this, it’s just a great record. – Scott

~ by scottsplatter on January 3, 2009.

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