Berserk – Rites of Supremacy

up_031504_berserkSpain’s Berserk sure do emit a majestic and decidedly Nordic pagan black metal atmosphere on “Rites of Supremacy.” I’m finding this is one of my favorite sub-genres since the bands that make up its mainframe all concentrate on melody and spacious guitar rhythms to give you that weary traveler overlooking a mountain range vibe. Berserk thankfully go against the true meaning of their name with sensible tempo variation (centering mostly on a triumphant mid-paced lope) and very moving progressions that pile on the hooks. Add a synth line that is barely there like a slight breeze blowing across the battlefield and the throaty snarl of the vocalist is carried aloft to a less traveled plane of stylistic identity. Though Berserk certainly isn’t a clone of the following bands, if you enjoy your blackness fused with the epic spirit of a Viking era Bathory or Graveland (though Berserk holds on tightly to their BM side), “Rites of Supremacy” is a solid and entertaining journey. – Marty

~ by martyworm on January 3, 2009.

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