Black Crucifixion – Faustian Dream

blackcrucifixion_92406_fausFor those of you expecting to hear “The Fallen One of Flames” part 2 where more of a barbaric, Bathory meets Beherit meets Celtic Frost blackened war metal push was the standard, then prepare to have your milk curdled. After a long hiatus, Black Crucifixion have returned to finally finish their long awaited “Faustian Dream” full length and it’s not what you’d expect to hear from a band that once touted Beherit member involvement. “Faustian Dream” is a very mature album that finds the band centering in on more of a gothic influence. Imagine “Into the Pandemonium” era Celtic Frost in musical feel and avant-garde vocal stylings, mixed with a bit of modern Moonspell and even Type O Negative dreaminess (“October Rust” era) as found on the morose track, “Frailest”. There isn’t any harsh vocals to be found on this album, rather smoother crooning styles prevail, with a dead nut rendition of Tom Warrior’s despondent “Mesmerized” whine to be reckoned on the airy yet heavy tracks, “Bible Black Tyrant” and “Where Will you Hide”. The pitch vocals really work well within this material, freeing up a lot of room for the deep guitar harmonies to weave an impenetrable net of hooks throughout this innovative album. A pleasantly warm sound production helps as well; giving BC a hearty room ambience that is pleasing to the ears and seems to perfectly fit with the adventurous style this Finnish entity has embraced. Subtle and warm synth tones sneak in as well to strengthen the progressions very sparingly, while the tuning of the guitars and ethereal atmosphere empowering this album, puts me in mind of the more death metal influenced doom that used to be the style of choice of Finland’s extreme metal past. “Faustian Dream” did take me a few listens to fully absorb, but it didn’t take long to fully appreciate the uniqueness on display. If you have an open mind and like all faucets of metal, “Faustian Dream” is really an easy album to enjoy. – Marty

~ by martyworm on January 3, 2009.

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