Bloody Victim – Bound in Blasphemy

qb_42103_bloodyvictimIt’s interesting to hear how different bands from America interpret black metal music. It seems as though they either take the overly atmospheric road (ie: Xasthur), uncompromising war metal (Krieg), or as in Nevada’s Bloody Victim, take the Kult of Azazel route and mix black, thrash and death styles together to mirror the violent living conditions often found in our cities. I have no problem with this, though I prefer black metal with more emotion, but one has to then try to relate to the music being created. Is it well played? In this case, yes. Do the songs offer a definitive direction, allowing the listener to become part of the experience? Sadly, Bloody Victim seem too concerned with aggression and out of key/brutal riffs that rarely repeat within the song. “Bound in Blasphemy” is like a standard tuned death metal album from a band with caustic vocals, writing linear song structures that alienate the listener with cold violence. If you’re into that sort of thing, and I can be on occasion, then great… this full-length will leave you seeping blood and burning from the chaotic and technical storm. Personally, I need more separation between tracks and repeated musical phrases that mean something. I can appreciate Bloody Victim’s obvious talent and scathing delivery, but the songs inevitably suffer from lack of structural creativity. Some development and more memorable riffs arise as this demo progresses (“Forever Bloody” is a damn good song) and I really hope they continue on exploring and refining their songwriting skills. – Marty
PO Box 896
Dayton, NV 89403 USA

~ by martyworm on January 3, 2009.

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