Blut Aus Nord – The Work Which Transforms God

up_092704_blut-aus-nordThis band is hands down one of the most fucked up and diseased sounding entities in the black metal world as they have developed into something truly unholy and perverse. The plodding and in-time pulse of the drum machine acts as the piece of driftwood that keeps you afloat during the flood as Blut Aus Nord send waves of nauseating riffs down upon you that sound like demonic screams from another dimension, or an air siren as I mentioned in the review of their last opus. I honestly don’t know how they play this stuff. The riffs sound down tuned and constantly bent/bled as the strings are sliced into a mayhemic ritual of destruction. This is definitely a bizarre and unique listening experience. To intensify the otherworldly greatness and open minded experimentation found on this album, reverb and other effects have been added to the programmed drum beats on occasion to give the rhythm that booming pulse of doom as agonizing screams layer over the top to suggest the feeling of having one’s fingernails ripped out in a bloodied fit of torture. No other band sounds Like Blut Aus Nord and this band is something to finally get truly excited about as their cancerous sound punishes all those that choose to step in front of the soul consuming onslaught of this album. “The Work Which Transforms God” is 2 parts Godflesh and 666 parts insane black metal experimentation created to truly share the suffering of its creators with the listener. They have indeed achieved greatness on this album. – Marty

~ by martyworm on January 3, 2009.

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