Brodequin – Methods of Execution

up_041805_brodequinApparently this is the third full length release for Brodequin, and no, I am not familiar with their back catalogue in case you were wondering. In fact, the only exposure I have had to this band was their appearance at the 2001 Ohio Death Fest. I do not recall them being this fast back then, but I could be mistaken as I imbibed copious amounts of Becks Dark at that event and therefore cannot recall much of what transpired at The Flying Machine that year. Anyway, this shit is really fuckin brutal man, if you get my drift. I guess my main problem with bands of this nature is the total lack of personality in the vocal department, I mean whoever is doing the vocals here just doesn’t matter because he sounds exactly like every other guy doing vocals for this type of band. Now old Cryptopsy is really brutal, but when you hear Lord Worm, you know damn well that that is Lord Worm because Lord worm has a style and delivery all his own and therefore sounds like no other. Cryptopsy continued on after his departure and still remained similar musically, but the replacement vocalist was sure as shit not Lord Worm even though he too had a sound all his own that was fairly unique in the underground metal community if not the hardcore community. I guess the bottom line is that for me to get any enjoyment whatsoever out of a band like Brodequin, the monotone sewer belch vocals have either got to go or at least be mixed up a bit with other types of vocal deliveries because a half an hour of this shit non stop is really, really annoying to me. – Lance Rogers

~ by martyworm on January 3, 2009.

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