Casket – Dark Frequencies

casket_052206_darkWith so many dark ambient projects coming out of the woodwork and many of them falling to the wayside because of the lack of imagination and creativity. It seems that finding the good ones is like digging through countless releases just to obtain the gems. Casket is very much one of those gems. Dark Frequencies lurks out of nowhere with monumental levels of dense leveling drone, space ambience, and a world full of ghostly samples resonating behind layers of heavy low end drift. This mixture conjures demented visions of despair and madness, ingesting the listener into a realm of dire helplessness. There are times when throbbing bass driven frequencies elusively fade in and out accompanied by textures of fiendish sinking echoes in the backdrop. In the track Take My Pulse unearthly electronic rumbling is abused by a static induced electronic gong. As the track moves smoothly and ghoulishly along, a black letter of gothic ahs begin to haunt the listener at an extreme level. Frequently Casket takes a less is more approach with “Dark Frequencies.” You’ll find with projects like Lull, Rapoon, and even Aidan Baker, this approach has amazing outcomes. With 5 tracks clocking in just under 35 minutes, Casket’s Dark Frequencies has a lot going for it. I myself would think that with this kind of approach and commitment, this North Carolina project can make a very good future for itself. – K

~ by martyworm on January 3, 2009.

One Response to “Casket – Dark Frequencies”

  1. Hi,
    Read your review on Casket-Dark Frequencies and all I can say is….very well put indeed!I don’t know if you can completely label it ‘dark ambience’ because even though the main soundscape is clearly nightmarish they are some creative uses of distortion that make some pretty gritty feel to the atmospherics….Casket obviously adds a power electronics feel to his work (the playback volume warning on the back of the case was a hint) not only from Dark Frequencies but the Autopsy Session tape(which took me almost four years to track down) was pretty good too.Bradley Wilson(Casket) was a genius plain and simple,he just knew how to put realism into ambient recordings and cast a pretty big shadow in the ambient/experimental genre with his approach.

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