Cerberus – Klagelieder – Grabesgesang

cerberus_090407_klagThis album has a bizarre power over me – it makes me headbang. Seriously. I don’t headbang. Ever. But listening to Klagelieder – Grabesgesang I find myself headbanging without even thinking about it. It makes me nervous. I think Cerberus is turning me into a headbanging, horns-throwing metal zombie. That said, this album really isn’t all that fantastic, which makes the inadvertent headbanging that much more perplexing. It’s catchy – one of the catchiest albums I’ve heard in months, in fact. Every track has a riff that gets stuck in your head for hours. Trust me. So because this album begs for it, I’m gonna write the rest of the review in the style of a typical mainstream metal magazine reviewer: Horns up!!! German grimsters Cerberus are back with another fist-pumping slab of blackness!! Robed fuckers be warned – these anthems will beat themselves into your skull and not let up until the last track is done! With two axe-wielders (the mighty Dawn and Nebiros), the sound is heavy as fuck! This shit’s so typical I can’t figure out who to compare it to so I’ll compare it to Darkthrone and Gorgoroth! So grab a beer from dad’s fridge, throw this in the doombox and rock the fuck out!! Hail Satan n such! -Christine Lett


~ by martyworm on January 3, 2009.

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