Cerebral Effusion – Violence In Motion

up_050304_cerebraleffusionWho’s ready for CD #4,356 of typical, redundant, and generic death/grind? It’s hard to believe that so many people still thirst for this style of music even though very few bands have really done anything innovative or unique with it in the last ten years. Spain’s Cerebral Effusion are slightly better song writers than many others in this genre, but we’ve heard plenty of bands playing this style and plenty of them did (and do) it better. As is the case with most of them, the stupid vocals ruin anything positive in the music, which is about average for this genre. Unfortunately, all the songs sound virtually interchangeable with one another which makes for a very tiring (though fairly brief) listening experience. – Brian Woodworth

~ by martyworm on January 3, 2009.

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