Chasm, The – Conjuration of the Spectral Empire

up_030804_thechasmWithout ever straying from their twisted and obscure death metal sound, The Chasm have evolved into an unstoppable force that somehow gets better and more impressive with every release. :Conjuration of the Spectral Empire” is by far The Chasm’s most developed release to date. The main riffs for each track take on a superior life all their own as the guitar prowess of Corchado and Viterbo proudly upholds dueling heavy metal solo work to elevate their dark and brutal foundation to new heights rarely explored by the death metal genre. So much passion and movement spews from interesting tempo variations and musical twists, one easily falls into this bands ritual as an active participant in the praise of death’s enchanting realm. Corchado’s vocals once again release the venom of contempt towards this life and the incessant tribulations we are forced to endure on our journey. The Chasm have become masters at layering atypical harmonies to reach a climatic plateau, only to strip them away when the atmosphere calls for more purifying metal flames to drag us back into a deep pit of depression. Antonio Leon’s percussive style continues to become more complex and interesting as this band battles on. His accents are truly musical, yet when speed is called for, his blasting attack comes off as unique and colorful, never jumbling the main guitar riffs as Daniel and Julio swarm into a torrent of thrashy tremolo ideas that uphold the incessant calling of metal’s ancient past. By manipulating various musical emotions ranging from despair to blind rage and all points in-between, “Conjuration…” is one of the most creative and memorable albums you will hear this year as The Chasm strike out again with 10 new tracks of impenetrable metal of death. – Marty


~ by martyworm on January 3, 2009.

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