Crossover – Over the Cross

It’s apparent that bands need as much help as they can get in deciding what to call themselves. Have all the good names been taken? If Crossover is the best this band could come up with, it would seem so. This is a Greek band and “Over the Cross” is their 2nd release which features five songs mixing death and black metal; Rotting Christ and Varathron are the most notable influences in the guitar melodies (the 2nd track, ‘World Crescendo’, is more along the lines of Six Feet Under, amusingly enough). Based on this recording, Crossover doesn’t seem ready for a CD deal, especially since the powerless, screamed vocals need a lot of improvement. However, Deadsun has already signed them and released their first official CD, “Debauchery”, so apparently I’m wrong. It hardly matters though, as the CD will probably be forgotten in a year or two, along with hundreds upon hundreds of others. – Brian Woodworth

~ by martyworm on January 3, 2009.

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