Cumchrist – Cumplete

qb_40603_cumchristWith song titles like: “Mary had a Little Clam”, “Vaginal Bloodfarts” and “Crucifixion must hurt like a Bitch”, I wasn’t expecting anything more than a joke, and Cumchrist delivered. Sadly, it’s not a funny joke, just incredibly sad as this band rips along in a “brutal” death metal vein hauled even further down into the slop by a 13 year old level of blasphemy.
Exibit A:
Lyrics for: “Jesus was an Angry Drunk”
Not many people know, christ was an angry drunk.
He liked to beat up chicks
He liked to puke and fuck
Kicked out of every bar,
Put on his holy ass
He borrowed 20 bucks
He never paid me back.
Haha… ha..h.. aaa. Uhhh
The lyrics, artwork and various samples littered throughout this release are far from offensive… they’re just lame. The vocals are the typical deep guttural growls that alternate up into the piercing screams to hurl this material even deeper into the vat of death metal irrelevance. If it was 1994, Cumchrist would still sound like a “drink and throw an album together in a weekend” project meant to get the fiends moshing and shedding blood in the pit. Just what we need. – Marty

~ by martyworm on January 3, 2009.

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