Deathspell Omega – Kenose

deathspellomega_120306_kenoSuch an engaging and utterly creative listening experience, the France meets Finland union of Deathspell Omega has produced some agonizing and mind bending results. Much more refined and musical than say, Blut Aus Nord, but both bands somehow exist upon the same plane of musical torment, with Deathspell edging out the competition by actually working within a framework/structure that could be considered “musical”. But this band makes the listener pay dearly for the chance to comprehend the musical nature of their sound, for they somehow arrive at structured tunes by way of heaving these disjointed and technically maddening riff ideas at you with the intent to destroy or pervert your senses to behold another dimension. The twistingly coiled guitar work is completely amazing in its depth and intent as note fragments swirl into a greater body of sound that produces uneasing musical phrases, which seem not of this world. Imagine the horrific, blood lusting world/dimension portrayed in Hellraiser 2 and this is a state of existence Deathspell Omega is successful in placing the listener in. This disorienting state is further compound by the charred and completely great vokills of one Mikko Aspa of Clandestine Blaze fame. His performance is so dirty and completely vile, he is quick on the path to dethroning Nocturno Culto (Darkthrone) as my favorite BM screamer. In fact, their styles are similar in the mid-ranged register of screaming, but Mikko just introduces so much more of a tormented angle to his delivery and it so perfectly amplifies the dismay upheld by Deathspell Omega. From the aforementioned layered note ideas that combine to form this diseased and mind altering atmosphere, D.O. then kills the madness to fall into clean guitar work that focus on simplistic note lines which offer a bit of beauty to lay down next to the beast. This open minded sense of dynamics and musical diversity points to a form of musical genius that is rarely EVER explored in the underground black metal medium of expression and Deathspell Omega are to be endlessly praised for this bold experimentation. Arising from their impressive, though genre derivative roots, Deathspell Omega are the next level of evolution for black metal and this 3 song, 37 minute MCD is a glimpse into a future filled with promise and apocalyptic visions. – Marty

~ by martyworm on January 3, 2009.

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