Eviscerate – Shadows Out Of Time

eviscerate_072306_shadowsThis is an incredible band. Starting out playing old Metallica covers in 1996 to writing original songs, Eviscerate has come along way. The fathomless time shifts and abrupt changes in the song structure is compelling. There’s a lot that reminds me of Witchery and even old In Flames (around the time of Whoracle not the new crap).But I digress. That’s not a bad thing by no means as far as I’m concerned. Eviscerate blends witching vocals with Extol like clean vocals that function very well together. Power Metal riffs that gallop like a black cavalry backed by crucial drumming shines through. Intermingling guitar harmonics with interchangeable wide spread tempo transitions. The creative guitar solos, and clean sound work well for a band that just signed a deal with On Dead Sound. Professional sound quality is very predominant in what you hear on “Shadows Out Of Time”. Slipping from Power Metal to a vibrant calming (dare I say it) Metallica-sque type break in songs like Stolen Heartbeats to crafty guitar work on Invasion take me back to my early days of Metal. I really dig this band, with the history behind them and four demos that can still be obtained (through downloading them) on their web-site and a well rounded line-up that hasn’t changed at all, I feel that Eviscerate has built quite a future for themselves. – K

~ by martyworm on January 3, 2009.

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