Extinction Agenda – The Grace Defile

extinctionagenda_032707_gra1Having blossomed into a full band, MA’s Extinction Agenda continue onward into the firestorm of modern day blackened thrash metal ravenously chewing through the airwaves with their own blend of Destruction meets Tankard meets the good old US of A sponsored aggression. “Patron Saint of Chainsaws” is a certified scorcher and probably the best track I’ve heard from this band with its razor sharp riff work and unshakable, bottom heavy, distorted bass tone which does make it’s presence felt for all 4 tracks on this MCD. Scott Iconslaughter’s shouted vocal style never sounds weak or out of place as his discernable yells effectively fan the flames of total consumption and urgency in this music. A tight drum performance holds everything together as Extinction Agenda hurl riff after hard hitting riff at you, piling on the technical proficiency, yet never straying away from memorable hooks or other deep content sure to stick in the listeners brain. Where bands like Municipal Waste and Toxic Holocaust take the late 80’s thrash influence and add a pinch of tongue in cheek fun to it (don’t get me wrong, I still appreciate both bands), there is a close feeling of seriousness to beheld on “The Grace Defile” it seems Extinction Agenda are doing all they can to literally kill us all with their music. That kind of intensity is impossible to ignore. -Marty
Email: exagenda@veribox.net
Web: http://www.myspace.com/extinctionagenda

~ by martyworm on January 3, 2009.

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