Fairyland – The Fall of an Empire

fairyland_032707_thefallWhy I continue to give this genre a chance is beyond me, but symphonic power metal is about as interesting as listening to Danger Danger on repeat. OK… I’ll give them the darker fantasy imagery as being marginally more interesting as the aforementioned band, or maybe even Warrant’s “Cherry Pie”, but this well-groomed, noodley synth “metal” always makes me laugh 30 seconds into every album. Usually when the vocalist with chick hair cuts in with a smooth and effeminate… I mean “passionate” croon, is when I start the laughing. It’s impossible not to. Anyway’ if you like Italian power metal like Rhapsody with a heavy dose of German power metal harmonies and affinity for wankey synth lines, then Fairyland’s “The Fall of an Empire” is the latest cookie to slide out of the cutter. I like old and good power metal stuff, or even some of the more developed modern bands (Lost Horizon anyone?), but this material is just weak. From the band name to every note on this album… borrowed. Boring. There be no testes swimming around in that there sac. Fairyland? Nuff said. -Marty

~ by martyworm on January 3, 2009.

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