Feast Eternal – Prisons of Flesh (Re-issue)

feasteterna_090407_prisonsPrisons of Flesh” was first unleashed upon the masses in 2000, by the band themselves, limited to 1000 copies. Having signed to Open Grave Records last year, the band celebrated this union by re-birthing their debut with slightly different artwork, a fresh re-master job, and 2 new tracks to whet their old fans appetites in anticipation of full-length #2 “With Fire”, due out later this year. Having not spun this disc in quite a while, I am pleasantly surprised at how well the material has held up over the years. Expect “Warmaster” era Bolt Thrower meets older In Flames, spun with Feast Eternal’s own unique gift for sensible song structures and riff writing that is as memorable as it is bloated with an old school death metal affinity. The 2 new songs closing this CD out (“Serpents Proclaim” and “Rage of Angels”) take the core foundation of Feast Eternal’s writing style and inject even more harmonies and even some well done solos to further elevate this material into a higher classification of death metal that stands out in 2007 amongst a genre full of lifeless turbo death and goregrind fiends. Tasteful songwriting, monstrously brutal vocals, and an all around well-executed slab of death is available again for consumption! -Marty


~ by martyworm on January 3, 2009.

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