Gorgoroth – Ad Majorem Sathanas Gloriam

gorgoroth_120306_admajoremYet another short, though diversely throttling album from Norway’s Gorgoroth. Aside from 8 tracks of creatively scribed and unique black metal, vocalist Gaahl is yet again the most notable and over the top element of this band. With music that embraces elements of thrash, death and cryptically torturous black metal, one needs a vocalist that can offer just as much diversity at the mic and Gaahl spews forth the goods without missing a step. His scathing and perverse highs are at the forefront of his delivery, but brutal lows and other such maniacal screams seem to spring forth from his being as if to open wide the gates and summon the dark lord himself. Gorgoroth’s music is built upon all the genres of music previously mentioned, which all congeal into a very organic/ravenous beast of prey. Gorgoroth continue to alternate between 1or 2 riff maximum songs such as the menacing “Sign of and Open Eye”, to the deeply penetrating dimension of “Prosperity and Beauty” where power chords offer the low foundation for more traditional Norwegian black metal harmonies to drift in for that melodically hypnotic trait. Speed sits quite comfortably alongside depressive mids and even slower tempo structures to further unlock the endlessly complex guitar work that buzzes between technically proficient riff ideas, to the burnt out roots of barren/dissonant chords that ruthlessly assault the senses. Sinister and sadistic to the blackened core, Gorgoroth offer yet another unique and punishing album that seems to take on a new shape every time I listen to it. The abyss lies open, dark and putrid and your worship of “Ad Majorem Sathanas Gloriam” is the next logical step in hurling your soul into its beckoning depths. – Marty

~ by martyworm on January 3, 2009.

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