Heinous Killings – Hung With Barbwire

heinouskillings_120306_hungI find it amazing that there’s still a dug in fanbase for Midwest US, brutal death metal. Really… This shit feasted upon its own dead during the mid 90’s and like all cannibals, consuming your own kinds flesh does something to a person’s mental stability. It’s the same type of wacko creepiness found in inbred dogs (or humans for that matter). I used to have to wait on some of these people and you can sometimes just tell). Such fans of this scene go on to form their own bands… exhibit A: Heinous Killings takes everything previously and thoroughly masticated by the brutal US death metal scene and speeds it up. It’s too fast to worry about “fuckin’ sick” mosh breakdowns… rather HK took “Butchered at Birth”, sped up the riff ideas, hit play on the drum machine and ran selected vocal lines through computer effects for that cyber gore-monger on an acid trip. The riff ideas aren’t even that technical… just a lot of crunch fills and palm muted speed picking. “Hung With Barbwire” sounds thin and like a weekend death metal workshop project. Lifeless idolatry meets technology. Yawn. – Marty

~ by martyworm on January 3, 2009.

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