Jag Panzer – Decade of the Nail-Spiked Bat

up_032904_jagpanzerJag Panzer are practically considered demigods among classic/power metal aficionados, probably justified mainly by their classic “Ample Destruction” LP. That is the only release from them that I own, sadly enough–the original vinyl pressings of their early releases, both official and bootlegged, are scarce now and fetch high dollars among collectors. This double CD, which contains re-recorded versions of every song from that LP except two–along with 13 others taken mostly from the ’80s–was released because the original recordings can’t be repressed due to legal disputes between current and former members of the band. From a desperate fan’s point of view, this is probably a cool idea and gives them the chance to hear these songs, but on the other hand, I would feel a little gypped at hearing slightly inferior versions of these (even though all of them are well-played and decently produced). I’m a purist at heart and feel that most bands are at their best during their early years when they are hungry for success and aren’t so jaded by the unfairness of the music business. I’m not a die hard Jag Panzer fan, but for me, I can relate the experience of re-recordings to somebody like Slayer.I would hate to see them re-do tracks from “Show No Mercy” or “Hell Awaits” now, since they could never recapture the rabid aggression and violence of those early recordings. Jag Panzer has done a decent job on the “Ample Destruction” tracks, but really hasn’t matched the intensity and feeling of the originals–I can’t comment on most of the others since I’ve yet to hear the original versions. Some of the other standout songs here are ‘Metal Melts the Ice’, ‘Deathrow’, ‘Battle Zones’ and ‘The Church’. Hopefully some day the legal wrangling will be over and all their early material can be reissued as it was recorded originally. – Brian Woodworth


~ by martyworm on January 3, 2009.

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