Jigsore Terror – World End Carnage

up_030705_jigsoreterrorAs soon as I put this disc on there was a catchy little riff a la old Repulsion or Napalm Death which was Immediately followed by a cacophonous eruption of blasting drums like old Terrorizer… and then the Deathlance smiled because he knew that it was good. In addition to the erection producing ingredients listed above the vocals sound as if they are being performed by a man with leprosy selectively rotting only his larynx, which for this kind of material adds a really nice touch. Apparently Jigsore Terror features members of General Surgery, Hypnosia, Leukemia, Birdflesh and some other lesser-known Swedish bands as well. This is impressive since they are currently only a three piece and that speaks to the talent level of the musicians involved. In fact, despite owning a perfectly good promo copy of this album, I went out and bought the regular version the first opportunity that I had. I have heard other bands attempt to do similar things recently; such as Lock Up (which actually features members of Terrorizer and Napalm Death) but in my opinion Jigsore Terror somehow manage to do it better. If you have an affinity for Swedish death metal and a love of the original masters of death grind then I cannot recommend “World End Carnage” to you enough. – Lance Rogers

~ by martyworm on January 3, 2009.

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