Jotunspor – Gleipnirs Smeder

jotunspor_090407_gleipnirsFeaturing ex members of Gorgoroth, King ov Hell and drummer Kvitrafn, Jotunspor is a lesson in murky dungeon black metal that certainly borrows some atmospherics and overall unsettling push from this 2-pieces former band (especially since King ov Hell ended up being a main songwriter for said band). Jotunspor’s connection to Norway’s cult black metal past is evident, but the spirit of this project is deeply entrenched in the stripped down side of the genre, mixed with interesting militaristic BM marches as found on “Ginnungagalder” and other compositions that fall between the metal tracks and find a lot more in common with haunting dark ambient/noise industrial. The overall mix is sufficiently bleak, allowing the simplistic songs to burrow into the desired dark places. A fury of harsh screams and triggered/programmed to the hilt drum textures pile on that abandoned, bleeding and soon to be lifeless sense of desperation. The music is at times successfully hypnotic and even a bit creepy once the distortion gives way to mystical dark ambient passages, but the BM songs tend to fall into a rather 1 dimensional attack that can become boring. As “Gleipnirs Smeder” forged on, I noticed myself appreciating the overall idea of this CD a lot more than the actual content. The production is so non existent and purposely lo-fi, I think it becomes easy to miss out on the finer details and background layers that King ov Hell was undoubtedly attempting to make a bigger part of this album. For next time, more of a full sound and more attention to the actual riff ideas could only help Jotunspor’s cause, for I feel their sound is stable/intact… there just needs to be more interest structurally for this band to make an impact in my daily musical rotation. – Marty


~ by martyworm on January 3, 2009.

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