Junta – S/T

What are you gonna do with a band that is teetering on the cusp of a more trendy new metal influence? Sigh with determination and try to stick with Junta until either this review is complete, or the CD comes to an end… whichever happens first. Melody is present with harmonious riff fills and periodic, often out of tune pitch singing, but Junta seems to be confused to the core yet fine with settling into a style that was hopelessly lifeless before it ever got fully started. Should they hold onto the harsh screams and often scattered crusty moments where straight forward metal riff work is the foundation? Junta manipulates the aforementioned elements the most, but even so, they seem like they are simply emulating countless other bands in a similar style. Where this bands style completely loses it for me, is found in the more simplistic musical moments where the guitar tone is excessively fat as if inspired by the new metal movement. When such a musical presence is evident, the vocals seem to match that more mainstream and commercial form of teen angst that makes all the youngin’s poke stainless steel through their skin for that kitchen cutlery toting fashion statement/form of “rebellion”. Add a clunky/muddy production and this self titled slab really is an uninteresting mess of Swedish happy metal riff work meets a half hearted stab at MTV culture. – Marty
ianjunta@hotmail.com or belial01@yahoo.com

~ by martyworm on January 3, 2009.

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